Jing Zhou Studio

Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Media Art, Animation, Photography, 3D, Fine Arts

Bio: Born in Chongqing, China (家乡重庆, 祖籍宁波镇海), Jing Zhou (周竞) is a multimedia artist, designer, and educator in the U.S. Her award winning work has been widely shown and collected internationally including: Triennale Design Museum, Milan; British Computer Society, London; Asian Cultural Center, Manhattan; SIGGRAPH Art Gallery; ISEA; Royal Institution of Australia; RE-NEW, Copenhagen; New York Hall of Science; Danish Poster Museum; Sardinia Film Festival, Italy; Athens Video Art Festival, Greece; Taksim Republic Art Gallery, Istanbul; FILE, Sao Paulo; Visual Information Design Assn. of Korea; Goethe Institute Alexandria, Egypt; Mundaneum, Belgium; Brown University, Rhode Island; Hungarian Electrographic Art Assn., Budapest; Prix de la Photographie Paris Awards; public collection of the WRO Media Art Center, Poland; Waikato Museum, New Zealand; Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego; and the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco. Numerous books and magazines such as Computer Graphics World, NMEDIAC, Photo Techniques have published her work. Ms. Zhou is also a Gold Medal recipient of the Art Directors Club of New Jersey, Gold Winner of the American Design Awards, Silver Winner of the Summit International Creative Awards, and Prize Winner of IFUW (GWI) Poster Contest in Geneva. Her clients include organizations such as Greenpeace. Ms. Zhou was previously a Senior Graphic Designer at Gruen Associates and First Look Media, Inc. in Los Angeles and a Junior Art Director at Chongqing Huaxi Packaging, Inc. in Chongqing, China. Jing’s multimedia artwork explores our common humanity and reflects her interest in spiritual experiences, Eastern and Western art, literature, and philosophy. To Jing, creating art is a process of deciphering her life journey.