Cradlr: A Design Project for Refugee Children 2020

A United Nations Academic Impact Project at Monmouth University

research, social design, branding, UI/UX, and illustration

Creative Work Award, Design Incubation 2020 Communication Design Educators Awards ➤
UX Design Award, Peru Design Biennial 2021, Peruvian Design Assoc. ➤
(65,980 applicants, 14 categories, 14 winners; 5,596 UX designs, 1 winner)
Grand Award, “Signs, Systems, and Letterform Marks” 2021 Annual International Design Competition, United Design Alliance (UDA) ➤

selected exhibition:
Peru Design Biennial, Santo Domingo Museum, Lima, Peru ➤

selected presentations:
CAA 111th Annual Conference, Session by the Committee on Design ➤
New Media Caucus 2022 Future Bodies Symposium ➤

selected paper: ARTECH Int'l. Conference on Digital & Interactive Arts ➤